Which colour are you?

Which colour are you?

It’s all about the colour!

We have all wanted to get buy-in from our stakeholders and in the quickest possible way. From your line manager to stakeholders, the importance of engagement cannot be under-estimated. So, how do we better equip ourselves in order to achieve this?

Coloured thinking is a means of understanding the key triggers that will enable better engagement of the people with whom you work (and indeed in the social environment also). Knowing which “colour” those stakeholders typically fall under, will facilitate enhanced chances of real engagement and support.

Take a tip. The next time you meet with a stakeholder, make notes on the reaction and behaviours demonstrated. What do the signals tell you? When you have collected this “evidence” try to align it with one of the colours as indicated below. Soon, you will be better able to position your case and hopefully get buy-in more times than not.

There are four key colours that represent the traits of an individual: Yellow, blue, green and red – each of which provide an indication of the type of behaviour that person typically demonstrates. Let’s have an over view of how to get the best from them:

YELLOW (responsibility)

  • Be clear and direct
  • Use a business-like approach
  • Think about long range implications
  • Be on time and prepared
  • Ensure ideas support our policies and mission and are financially sound

BLUE (harmony)

  • Use a “let’s win” climate
  • Warmth, caring and nurturing will establish a rapport
  • Use eye contact and keep open body posture
  • Make your ideas people related
  • Focus on co-operation and team work

GREEN (curiosity)

  • Talk about theories, models and paradigms
  • Be logical and factual and be ready to back up your theories
  • Avoid “small talk” or idle conversation
  • Show how you can develop their understanding

RED (adventurer)

  • Sell immediate benefits
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Make outcome of decision clear and vibrant
  • Emphasise action in what you’re proposing
  • Talk about adventures, new ideas, exciting stories, sports and creative approaches

This method is a very effective way of gaining collaboration for any project. But, it does involve a level of research in order to gain an understanding of the “colour” of the stakeholder and once this is done, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your stakeholders become more responsive to your aims and goals.

There is a method of determining the colour of each person and we will be happy to provide to you FREE the document which allows you to do this. Please go to the contact page and send your enquiry through. We will aim to send this through electronically to you within 48 hours.

Which colour are you?

Why don’t you “take the test” yourself? You may be surprised!